Data Analytics

What is DATA?

Businesses generate Data! Huge amounts of Data! Data in itself is both a source as well as a product for the business.

The phrase “Data is the new oil” is so apt in the current scenario with how the business is scaling to greater heights through putting their data to…

-By A S Amarnath FCA, LLB

New labour code

Is your establishment UP for upcoming labour codes?

The new labour code has been enacted in the pursuit of simplifying, consolidating and rationalizing the central and state labour laws. One of the objectives is to improve India’s position in the global ‘ease of doing business index. All four codes have received presidential…

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin


The rise and rise of bitcoin! The name Bitcoin evokes a sense of enigma, curiosity, and a possible peep into the future of money.

Origins of bitcoin can be traced to a blockchain built under an anonymous name — Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi was the first to solve the problem of…

Daily Economics

The vision of this platform is to enhance the EKQ of the common man. EKQ stands for Economics Knowledge Quotient!

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